Keep the Faith

I’m not sure how to title this entry, because it’s basically a rant about how some money mysteriously disappeared from purse.

It’s been happening to me on and off these couple of months, but I always chalked it up to my constant state of disorganization. But the past weekend shocked me and made me freak out. I am not making this up. A mere 36 hours after I received some money in an envelope, part of its contents disappeared, as in “Poof!”, “without a trace”…

The regular questions were asked. “Did you leave your purse unattended?” “Was it open?” “Did you stop somewhere and a pickpocket got to you?” Answer is no, no, no.

I really, really don’t know what happened. It’s an X-File! (The American TV show, in case anyone out there is wondering) I can’t explain it.

So why, keep the faith?

Well, as a practicing Muslim, I believe in the existence of the “other world” and it’s “occupants”. It’s explained in the Qur’an. I also believe that there are evil twisted humans that use the “other world” for their personal purposes. Rational? Nope? Logical? Are you kidding? But it is POSSIBLE.
If indeed there is someone who has a trained “other world being” out there to get my money, well then I can only counter by using the miracle of the Qur’an, the power of a certain verse we call the Ayat Kursi. No paranormals, orang pinter’s for me. An ustadz told me, “you don’t need all those people. Just read the Ayat Kursi over and over again.”

So that’s the advice I’m taking, plus I’m doing a little soul searching because I also believe that everything happens for a reason, and that this a slight “warning” from the Almighty, telling me to get my act together.

Point well taken. Here’s to a better me!


3 Replies to “Keep the Faith”

  1. Ibu Sita, have you ever considered that probably it was a message from up above that you (we) need to share more to less fortunate people? I mean you are right about something happens for a reason.

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