“You want me to work with WHO?”

or “When Life Throws You a Curveball and you can’t duck”

 OK, not two weeks on the job and I find out that a certain person who is universally despised has somehow managed to pass the selection process and is now a member of the staff at my department. And lucky me, because I am the academic coordinator (though still no official letter, boo!) there will be times that require me to talk with said person.

Oh, crap.

Seriously, this person has put everybody at the department on the edge for the past several months. We even had a special meeting to see if there was a way to, ummm… ok, no sugar coating, stop his application process. And actually, we do have some proof that he has questionable academic integrity. Yet the powers that be insisted that we have to put faith in the selection process.

Lot of good that did us.

Now what? I honestly don’t know what to do about him. Since he has been accepted :-(, for the time being we can only hope that either he a) cleans up his act and changes his behavior or b) screw up and get kicked out.

I close this post with a quote “When man makes plans, God Laughs.”


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