“You want me to work with WHO?”, part 2

New Year! New Semester!

After neglecting this blog for quite some time, I have a little down time today to write.

So after a semester on the job as academic coordinator, I have yet to “find my groove”. The growing pains of a new, web based, online academic administration system, called theSIAK NG , have made me a reluctant workaholic during the semester.

“Reluctant workaholic”? Yeah, well, I often work till late evening, going way beyond the 8 hour workday, no thanks to a workaholic boss who often insist that ‘we have to finish this today. No matter how long it takes.” The day he said that I went at 8.00pm. Boo,hiss. And the annoying thing is, we couldn’t finish entering data that evening.

SO the month of January became a long painful month that had me battle a nasty flu without the chance of proper recovery period that I awfully needed.

January became February, and that started with the worst flood in history of Jakarta. About 70% of the city was under water for at least 3 days. Water level reached 3 m, drowning houses and schools. There was increased demand for rubber rafts, blankets and household stuff.

All in Depok was safe, although we were without clean water for a few days. In the middle of that the new semester began. All things considered, the beginning of semester was relatively smooth, save for room changes that had teachers bewildered.

It was during this period I became baffled at the behavior of some colleagues. University teachers are only human after all, but Seriously! (to quote a favorite phrase from Grey’s Anatomy) .

SO now it’s March, and midterms are just around the corner. More work!

Speaking of which… I should go and try to do some work.


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