Six Degrees of Separation, or why I finally joined Friendster

I finally joined Friendster.

[OK Perry, stop laughing now]

So why did I finally do it?

You know, I don’t really know. To be honest, I was at a meeting, it was a bit boring, and I was browsing on the ‘net using the wireless network at the meeting.

Oh, wait. The question should be is “What is Friendster?”

Friendster is a social-networking site. I believe it was developed in the US. Check out the FAQ at Friendster. But inexplicably (at least to me), it exploded outside USA, and found a following in Indonesia, especially in the 18-35 age group. I have to check for members > 40 🙂

While I originally scoffed at Friendster, the growing popularity of the site was intriguing. Plus, I am a believer in the idea of “Six Degrees of Separation” (and yes, I found the “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” game very entertaining). And my “gang” at the office have all become members, so I thought, what the hey, let’s join the crowd.

What have I found so far? Not much in terms of any long lost elementary school friends. Maybe my age group has passed the friendster phase. Another theory that I have is that by the time Friendster came along, we were busy with our lives, with little time for computers. The husbands provided computers for the children, not the wives so sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews were the ones using Friendster.

Well, let’s see.


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