Can We Really Handle Change?

Change takes place here!

The question has been nagging me since I started working on a proposal with colleagues in Germany this week. It’s been a nostalgic week to say the least, since I’m working in a place where I spent two months in 2001. I’m staying at the same residence, walking the same route, entering the building through the same door, working with the same professors so I am excited and a little sad at the same time.

Well, it has been 7 years.

It is now a time of transition for this group and I’m working with them through this time. The youngest professor will retire next year so a new group will “take over” the program and eveything.

I know, I know. Change is necessary. Change is (can be) good. But I feel I’m not doing a good job in dealing with this change. Knowing that next year, the office will be occupied by a different professor, with different staff has made me walk with lump in my throat that is getting bigger as time goes by.

How sentimental can you get?

Believe me, I can be pretty sentimental. I’m the kind of person who keeps a lot of odd things like ticket stubs, receipts etc etc. Walking around town almost everything is still the same but unfortunately, things will be different next year inside the campus.

I didn’t realize I would have mixed emotions when I arrived last Saturday. I told myself I was going to have fun, enjoy Germany & take this trip as a vacation of sorts. Oh I am enjoying myself, but I didn’t take into account my emotional attachment to this particular group of people.

This really goes against the idea of change. I don’t want things to change at the moment because I feel like I’m losing an anchor, a sounding board, someone who I can rely on…

So again, can we really handle change?

Sure we can, I’m just not doing a good job right now…

Update: I have been assured that the “Three Musketeers” that have taught this course from beginning will most likely still be actively involved in the course for the near future. It’s just “the administrative stuff” that will be organized by another group.

Well, okay, but still, I can’t help feel a bit mellow thinking about 2009…


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