You are missed, Pak…

The beginning of the semester is usually chaotic, and this semester is no exception. For the past two weeks, my patience has been tested by the fact that when I arrive to start the lab course, the doors to the lab have not been opened yet, and the tech doesn’t have the key.

What the…?

Then it hit me. Until last year, I did not have any problems because one of my colleagues have opened the doors to the lab every Wednesday morning without fail. This July he passed away.

Since then, things have not been the same.

You are sorely missed Pak, I wish you were still with us 😦

Al Fatihah untuk Bp. Ellyzar IM Adil MS.


4 Replies to “You are missed, Pak…”

    1. One thing about alm… lately, I noticed that one of the main things that made him happy is talk about the students and the alumni. Whenever he talks about bio alumni, he always lights up.

      Hiks, hiks…

  1. Saya baru tahu kalau Bang Elizar ngedosennya di UI.
    Dan saya cukup terkejut juga kalau beliau sudah meninggalkan kita semua.

    Beliau ini, adalah tutor among, ketika saya masih di TPB di jaman ‘pergolakan’. Sebuah kehormatan kenal dengan beliau.

    Alfatihah untuk Bang Elizar.

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