For the child in all of us…

orange kitty
orange kitty

Ever had a toy that you loved and cherished forever (or so it seems)? For me it was a chimp called Jocko. Around 30something years ago, my Dad brought Jocko home from Germany. Dad explained that Jocko was special because he had a “knopf im ohr”. He was made by a famous toy company named Steiff. Steiff made high quality soft toys, all in Germany (no “made in China” for them!). Obviously, more expensive than other soft toys. Their trademark was the “knopf im ohr” or the “button in the ear”. Expensive? Obviously. My Dad must have skipped some meals in Germany to get me Jocko (I LOVE YOU DAD). Jocko became my best friend, sleeping next to me on my bed. I loved soft toys as a kid (and an adult, too!).

Years passed and since I moved around a lot in the 90s, Jocko got lost somewhere in the jungle that was my soft toy collection. I had tons (or at least a few boxes) of cuddy soft toys.

However, I always remembered Jocko because of the “knopf im ohr”. When I got the chance to visit Germany, I realized how precious and expensive Steiff toys are, which made me love my Dad even more. Then one day last week, I saw the orange kitty in the store, and I fell in love all over again with Steiff. The 50% discount helped also :-).

Anyway, this is dedicated to my Dad, and to the kid in all of us… everybody needs at least ONE cuddly soft toy in their lives!

the famous "knopf im ohr"
the famous "knopf im ohr"

knopf im ohr


4 Replies to “For the child in all of us…”

  1. Just like Libby to me, she’s from Sigikid, another German toy maker. Steiff is indeed expensive, but you can always consider it a collector’s item. The early ones from them can worth thousands of EUR!

    Btw, would it be great if you can have an email update feature. You can put it on the sidebar. I used one from FeedBurner. Just a thought.

    1. Hi Meta, thanks for the comment, still looking for the email update widget. Still on a free account, but thinking about upgrading so can get more out of wordpress…

      1. It’s possible to do it with the free version. I did it at least in Blogger (Selma’s site). You only need to register the site at FeedBurner and get the html code for the widget to post on the sidebar. Should not be much different to how to put the Flickr widget there. But yeah, the real wordpress is sooooo much more fun! 😉

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