Sometimes, being all grown up (and single) just… sucks.

Please pardon my language šŸ™‚

Since jumping on the social networking bandwagon and joined by a gaggle of young(er) cousins, you can’t help but feel, oh, I don’t know, old? :::Smile:::

Case: Just yesterday one of said young(er) cousins announced that her mobile was broken beyond repair and she was looking for advice for a replacement. I of course, replied the “responsible” way ;-): “What’s your budget?”

She said (in a typical teenager way) “Dunno. Dad just said to get a replacement.”

Now at this point I was beginning to wonder. Back when I was her age, my Dad would never just offer, but he would set the limit if I asked for a new whatever. Of course, back in the 80s, no one in Jakarta had even heard of mobile phones šŸ™‚

OK, so today I read her status “I was offered to choose (popular trendy fruitphone models) but I chose a (less trendy smartphone made by Scandinavian geeks). So proud!” (names have been changed to protect the innocent).

:::self-pity mode on::: Hey, why is it nobody is buying me anything? My young cousin was just an example. I can go on about my married friends who often say “Wah, I don’t know, I just got this from my hubby” or “well a present from hubby”.

And then I look around to see who can get me the new 5th generation IPod Touch for my birthday and realize, waaah, no one’s getting it for me … And that, my friends, to be honest, it just… sucks, because sometimes, you just want that present from that special someone where there is no budget limit… sigh.

Arrrgh! Enough wallowing!

:::self pity mode off! This is why:

The same cousin mused “I wonder if I can go to (popular destination in SE Asia) to see (some band I can’t remember)” and when I offered “cheap ways” to get to said destination, she said “no too expensive for me. Can’t save that much”

And in a moment of being selfish and totally immature, I thought “Hah! I win! I actually can BUY a ticket to any tourist destination (as long as it’s economy, haha) and see whatever I want because: I have money, and I don’t have to ask permission anymore, hahahaha!”

Hey, life doesn’t seem so sucky now šŸ™‚


One Reply to “Sometimes, being all grown up (and single) just… sucks.”

  1. Hah! I’m married and never got anything like that from hubby. Well, probably some strange things that he got last minute at the train station or a 24/7-convenient store on the way home from work on my birthdays. So unromantic. (Well, at least he cooks most of the time.) šŸ˜‰

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