Why I love My Mom: Silly conversations

I was in a discussion with my Vice Rector (aka “My Boss”) when suddenly my mobile flashed with “CIPUTAT” on the screen. That meant my parent’s home. As a rule, I always answer their calls whenever possible so excusing myself I answered.

Me: “Yes Mom?”

Mom: “Still at the office?”

Me: “Yes, in discussion”

Mom: “Just wanted to tell you… you’re not getting a pay raise this year.”

Me: “Whaaa-????”

Mom: “Just saw on TV, Sri Mulyani said no government employee are getting pay raises this year, including the president.”

Me: “Huh?” (while silently saying “mom you called me for this?”)

Mom: “Iya, so that all those negative words about the government officials getting pay raises are not true.” (we’re big Sri Mulyani supporters)

Me: “Okay”

Mom: “Take care ya”

Me: “Yes Mom”

And that was it. Hee hee. Only my mom could pull me away from a discussion with my boss for a conversation like that.

I love you, Mom!


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