Where do I belong?

After back-to-back meetings on managing academic programs, this thought crept into my mind, unwanted:

this is you now. you are now reduced to a middle manager. you are no longer a scientist. you have not produced a decent research project in years, and you have not been involved in any research projects.


Can it really be true? Have I truly “forgot” how to be a scientist? Please don’t let it happen!!!


3 Replies to “Where do I belong?”

  1. Even academic programs need scientific method 🙂 Maybe you just tired to do the same things these years. Ayo mbak, buat resolusi lagi tahun ini.

    1. Ateta terimakasih, kamu mahasiswa Biologi angkatan berapa ya? Maaf soalnya fotonya kecil :-). Saya juga sudah mampir ke blog mu. Keep writing ya

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