The New Normal: Life without Mom

The passing of my Mom “forced” us (Dad, brothers, me, in-laws, grandkids) to adjust to a new life. I remember tweeting about “Establishing a new normal”. After the funeral, we faced the practicalities such as closing bank accounts, credit cards etc.

After fortysomething days, we’re still adjusting. Today we closed Mom’s mobile number. Dad said “Mom’s using another telephone now.”

So tonight I deleted her number from my contact list.

Can I say it just sucks, big time? 😦


The 40th day

Dear Mom,

It’s been 40 days since you passed away. We miss you of course. But today was such a beautiful day that I took it as a sign that all is well where you are, so we’ll be OK too.

Love you always.

Al Fatihah.