Life with Dad: “You’re my kid, after all”

You know, I don’t think I ever gave my Dad proper credit for his influence in my life. There have been ups (and a down) when I think about our relationship.  But lately I’ve found myself thinking and saying “well my Dad taught me…” Maybe it’s because Mom’s not around anymore.

Dad is always paranoid about being late for travel. His motto is always “better to wait at the airport” many times arriving way early.

This morning. I had to catch a flight at 09.30 AM. The Jakarta traffic being what it is (aka murder-by-macet) I opted to leave at 6.00 from Dad’s. As I was kinda regretting the decision Dad said “better be early and wait there. You’re my kid, after all.”

Then I realized his paranoia has rubbed off on me 🙂

Dad,  you’ve taught me well.