The Reminder

Lately I have been really fed up with my managerial job. On paper, this is the last year and I really just want to get through it and go on with other stuff. So when a fellow manager resigned early and left the burden to others (including me), it caused some resentment. On my part at least.

Then yesterday’s emails from people announcing more or less the same thing made me more annoyed. How selfish can a person be? Apparently very selfish. Leaving in the middle of the year , just because according to the letter your assignment ends tomorrow. Who cares about the mess you leave behind?

So when a Facebook from a student post tagged me and talked about all the things she learned while she was under my supervision, all sorts of emotions came bubbling to the surface. I was reminded all over again on why I do what I do. That I (want to) help shape some people lives through teaching.

Thank you dear FE. Your post was really nice. And by the way, what you achieved is your achievement. I just gave you a nudge in the right direction. Best wishes on your next endeavor!

As for me? Today is new day. Let’s just move on.


May 17th 2012

Dear Mom,

You would’ve been 75 today Mom. This is the second month of May without you. In the era of social media, where everyone seems to update their status of missing the people they love every day, I found myself rather mute, not really willing to share about how I feel. Funny that it comes from me, she with the opinionated thumbs and fingers, who sometimes create a buzz.

So I turn to my faithful musing’s blog, who patiently awaits and receives happily what I write, when I want to write. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers, no matter what.

The last Ramadhan with Mom